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Land Acknowledgement 

The Snoqualmie Valley, which encompasses the landscapes represented in these images, is the ancestral land of the Snoqualmie Tribe - sdukʷalbixʷ in the Native language. 

Significant infrastructure and recreation changes in the Snoqualmie Valley continue to undermine the rights and authority of the Snoqualmie Tribe and frequently damage the unique ecosystems present in this region. Through education and acknowledgement, we can work to better honor and elevate their voices.

According to the Snoqualmie Tribe website, “The Ancestral Lands Movement seeks to spread awareness of the Snoqualmie people who have lived in the southern Salish Sea region since time immemorial and share the significance of these lands and provide information on how people can help the Tribe in respecting, restoring, and protecting these lands.”

To learn more about the Snoqualmie Tribe and Ancestral Lands, please visit their website and consider supporting their efforts.

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