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Rebecca Mott is a current graduate student at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In addition to her own studio practice, she is deeply interested in art history.


"I employ a kind of escapism from my urban surroundings by making organic paintings, but I simultaneously embrace the energy and vibrancy of diverse community through expressive color and baroque compositions. My paintings often take on molecular or constellation-like forms that develop from repetition and visual association. My enthrallment with biology and botany feeds my desire to produce abstract paintings.

I wrestle with the unpredictability of life by creating process-based paintings that I manipulate with detailed technique and thoughtful design choices. In rebellion to chaos, I choose to employ various ritualistic processes for my paintings. Occasionally my practice exposes me to my own lack of autonomy, but it simultaneously provides a sense of relief as I find a balance between intuition and analytical structure."


While Rebecca has experience working with a number of materials, she primarily enjoys painting with acrylic.

If you are interested in commissioning or purchasing one of Rebecca’s works, please contact her using the form below.

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